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Admissions | Pendlebury Court | Care Home Glossop
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Admissions and Referrals

Residential Placement Process


A Five Step Approach

Pendlebury Care Homes understands that the placement of any individual is a very important and often emotive choice in their life and those of their family and carers. Pendlebury Care Homes aims to make each stage of the placement process as smooth as possible and support the individual in their successful transition into their new home.

1.       Visit and Referral

  • A planned visit can be pre-arranged after initial contact from family / carer/ Care manager / GP.
  • Any referral would usually be from family / care manager or GP.


2.       Assessment

  • A free, in-depth assessment is undertaken to determine if the individual’s needs can be met by Pendlebury Care Homes.
  • The assessment is usually carried out where the person is residing at the time, or we can carry out an assessment during a trial visit to the home if accompanied by family.
  • Family / carers and other relevant parties are included.
  • A placement is offered by Pendlebury Care Homes if we are confident the individual can be supported safely and their needs can be met. When the person is likely to need input from clinicians or other medical support teams, we would ask them for a summary support plan in advance.
  • Please note that we are unable to take emergency referrals that require same day placement. We do our best to assess any potential admission within 48 hours if convenient with all parties to do so. We sorry but we are not able to admit people assessed as requiring nursing as our registration does not allow us to do so. We can take residents that require the support of district nurses or other visiting professionals.


3.       Placement

  • The decision to agree a placement rests either with the family if privately funded or with the Care Manager and associated Local Authority.
  • Once funding is approved if necessary, or family members have approved the contract terms, the placement offered can be accepted.
  • Pendlebury Care Homes offers support through this sometimes complicated process.
  • If we are at maximum occupancy and unable to offer an immediate placement, we will keep your details on our waiting list and contact you when a place becomes available.


4.       Transition

  • Detailed planning commences based on the Assessment. Individual Care Plans are written, which we encourage families to read and sign once the person is resident with us. The plans include key information, risk assessments, consent to care, care plans for example nutrition, moving and handling, medication, tissue viability, capacity and a one page plan of support.
  • Key worker is identified
  • The individual visits their new home ( we recognise that for some people, it is better for them to move in without a number of trial visits)
  • Any additional training requirements for staff should this be necessary to support the individual.
  • Any building alterations or equipment, if appropriate is ordered and set up.


5.       Ongoing Support and Review

  • Pendlebury Care Homes to communicate with families and Care manager as required
  • Six weeks review held with all relevant parties to monitor progress and highlight any necessary changes.
  • Thereafter 6/12 month reviews, arranged by the home manager or relevant care manager.
  • Support plans are reviewed every month by the key worker teams or more frequently if required.




"We were really anxious before Mum came to the home but we needn't have worried as she is in good hands. The staff took the time to explain everything to us, we didn't feel rushed to make a decision and we were shown round the home."
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