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Our Care Philosophy | Pendlebury Court | Care Home Glossop

Our Care Philosophy

Quite simply we care about what we do and we believe in people, understanding that belief alone can help them succeed. For Pendlebury Care Homes it’s not just what we believe in, it’s who we believe in. When you need our help we believe in you.

Our mission

We are passionate about improving the lives of people with dementia.
Our professional team of staff, focus on developing standards of excellence in the home, in a supportive and caring way. Working with a range of health and social care professionals, we deliver a holistic package of support tailored to meet each person’s needs.

 We place importance on the fact that our resident's and the public are at the very heart of everything we do and treat residents, colleagues and visitors with respect, dignity and compassion

We strive to create a positive experience of care and support


Pendlebury Care Homes aims to provide people with a safe, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well-being and comfort are paramount. Through the core principles of care, we respect people’s dignity, individuality and privacy and in doing so are sensitive to people’s ever changing needs.

 We also believe that to make a real difference to people’s lives, we must show :

Our philosophy

Staff and relatives work together to create meaning and purpose to people’s day. Programmes of activities are designed to encourage social interaction, memory and self- esteem.

Our values


We believe that every individual truly matters. People are at the centre of everything we do. Our team members are well trained, valued and motivated to empower others.

Service Excellence
We share a passion to be the best at everything we do and achieve the highest quality of service delivery. Our services will be relevant, efficient, effective and best value for money in line with regulatory and commissioning frameworks.
We reflect on our practices, learn from this and seek to continually improve on everything we do.

We provide a safe, caring environment which fosters ownership, security and trust.
Accountability is embedded in our actions and decisions. We support people to make successful transitions in their lives by good planning, clear objectives and individualised support programmes.

We engage with, listen to and respond positively to the needs of our residents and team members. We believe in the equal opportunity for everyone to participate in a society that values diversity.

We believe that for innovation to happen, residents and team members must feel valued and be encouraged to contribute and influence the development of the service we provide. This nurtures shared ownership and responsibility and ensures that we all act together from a common sense of purpose.



"We were really anxious before Mum came to the home but we needn't have worried as she is in good hands. The staff took the time to explain everything to us, we didn't feel rushed to make a decision and we were shown round the home."
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