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Quality Assurance | Pendlebury Court | Care Home Glossop
We are dedicated to providing individually tailored quality care to all our residents. Find out more about our core values and beliefs here.

Quality Assurance

It is essential that people who use our services benefit from safe quality care and support. Quality Assurance ensures that services are meeting essential standards of quality and safety, respecting dignity and empowering people to achieve positive outcomes.

Pendlebury Care Homes Ltd demonstrates this by :


  • Rigorous selection process
  • Continuous staff training, supervision and appraisal
  • Creating a culture of support
  • Open access for support staff to senior management
  • Whistleblowing policy and other relevant policies


  • Robust safeguarding procedures in place
  • Positive balance between duty of care and choice
  • Thorough initial assessment of need
  • Well facilitated transition
  • Creating a sense of home and belonging
  • Continuous review of changing need

The Homes

  • Fully accessible and adapted to meet the needs of the residents
  • Quality controls to ensure that all areas are clean, tidy, homely and functional
  • Monthly quality assurance visits and weekly audits
  • Encourage and support the personalisation of bedrooms
  • Quarterly relatives meetings, for communication and feedback


  • Senior team that can deliver the vision, embedding safety and quality into everything we do
  • Ensuring good communication throughout the homes
  • Ensuring relevant polices are in place and reviewed regularly
  • Learning and listening from events or feedback, fostering an ethos of continuous improvement.



"We were really anxious before Mum came to the home but we needn't have worried as she is in good hands. The staff took the time to explain everything to us, we didn't feel rushed to make a decision and we were shown round the home."
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