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What Makes Us Different | Pendlebury Court | Care Home Glossop
Looking for a residential placement ? Contact our friendly team today to find out more on 01457 854599  or email

What makes us different

“It is in the detail”

Here at Pendlebury Care Homes, we truly understand how the decision to come into residential care impacts on the individual and their family. That is why we spend the time to ask the right questions to ensure that we achieve a successful transition and admission to our homes. We work at your pace, gather information about your life and future wishes, ensure that we can meet your health and support needs and find out those details that importantly make a difference.

Our resources include :

  • Map of life and memory stories
  • One page plan – what is important to you, how best to support you
  • Patient Passport – making any medical appointment or hospital stay easier
  • Reminiscing and meaningful activities
  • Family time
  • Dementia training for staff



"We were really anxious before Mum came to the home but we needn't have worried as she is in good hands. The staff took the time to explain everything to us, we didn't feel rushed to make a decision and we were shown round the home."
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